Become great at your own marketing, say experts

Agents Pete and Louisa

Agents Pete and Louisa of Secret Agent Marketing

Brilliant marketing is the difference between business success and failure, says a Marlborough-based consultancy that aims to show companies how to be great at their own promotion.

Secret Agent Marketing, which works with a range of clients across the UK, from sole traders to multi-million pound businesses, is offering a training course developed with small businesses and start-ups in mind.

The course will give business owners who are great at what they do, but mystified by how to sell it or frustrated by their lack of marketing knowhow, the tools to excel at their own promotion.

Creative marketer Louisa Davison said: “Marketing skills can make or break a business – especially in its early stages.

“Dozens of small business owners have asked us to show them how to be great at their own marketing within a tight budget, so we’ve started the Secret Agent School, and are offering a Marketing for Beginners course to meet that demand.

“Excellent marketing isn’t about spending lots of money on advertising, printing glossy brochures or even creating a Page on Facebook. Other factors like charging the right amount, pitching what you do in an inspirational and relevant way, and plotting your overall direction are vital to a successful business.

“Being confident that you are spending your money in the right way is important too – it’s so easy to throw money at marketing without having a strategy in place, and for it to do nothing for your business as a result.”

Public relations consultant Peter Davison said: “Thanks to the rise of social media, many marketing methods are available at little or no financial cost – but the key to a successful campaign still lies in strategic thinking.

“We’ll be taking business owners through the basics of promotion, and how they work together, including press, print, social media, blogging, newsletters, e-marketing, advertising, websites, networking and direct mail.”

Husband and wife team Pete and Louisa are familiar faces on the Wiltshire business networking scene. Pete was a regional newspaper editor and Louisa headed up marketing teams at regional arts venues and international festivals before they launched Secret Agent Marketing in 2006.

“As well as benefiting from our expertise, attendees will also get the chance to bounce their ideas off of other small business owners. We’ve purposely kept the course numbers low so that we can give individual attention to attendees, and everyone will leave the course with a marketing plan” said Pete.

The course runs from 10am to 4pm on Tuesday, May 29 at the inspirational Rabley Drawing Centre, just outside Marlborough, and costs £149 to attend.

For more information, or to download a booking form, log on to and click on Secret Agent School. From free marketing tips, sign up at

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