Don’t put your faith in Miracle Marketing

Miracle MarketingDo you subscribe to Miracle Marketing? It’s very popular, and easy to do!

Simply conduct some marketing activity – print some brochures, book an advertisement – then cross your fingers or pray. Divine Intervention will do the rest.

Except it won’t, will it?

Yet many businesses put their faith in Miracle Marketing, spending £100s on leaflets which tell the wrong story, £2,000 on a third party mailing list that hits the wrong people, £4,000 on a radio campaign that fails to inspire the listeners.

Even ‘free’ marketing activity – like social media – has a cost implication. Used without strategy it’s wasting work time.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to turn trial and error spending into an effective marketing campaign.

A little bit of knowledge, combined with the confidence to know you are doing the right thing, will help you to target your marketing in the right direction – you’ll stop wasting money and start to see the benefits of a well thought-out marketing campaig

We’ll show you how at our Marketing for Beginners course near Marlborough on Tuesday, May 29 from 10am to 4pm.

The course is essential if you want to turn marketing from a cost into an investment.

We’ll help you work out who your customers are, how to speak their language and how to give them what they need.

The course, which is limited to ten places, will be super-practical and all of the attendees will leave with a basic, realistic marketing plan.

Attendance costs just £149, and includes lunch. For further details and a booking form, log on to

Meanwhile, at Wiltshire Business Club near Devizes on Thursday, May 17 from 12.30pm we’ll be explaining these basic rules of marketing in 20 minutes – phew!

If you’d like to come and listen, you can book your place at Attendance costs £12 and membership of the club is free.

We’re not giving too much away at this stage, but this is no ordinary talk..!

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