Girls and boys battle it out at

It's Boys vs Girls at

It’s Boys vs Girls at

In client news, is a brilliant new way of connecting people with empty driveways or garages and people who need to park a car, and would rather not use an expensive Pay and Display car park.

Homeowners can advertise their parking space, which can be rented by a commuter. Registration at is free for both homeowners and drivers – and ParkShare only takes its commission when a financial deal is struck.

And the firm behind the website hopes many people will come to reciprocal arrangements. “I’d like to see a commuter cutting the grass or clearing the gutters of an elderly homeowner in exchange for a parking space, even if it means I don’t earn commission from the deal,” says community-minded founder Martin Houlden.

Well, community-minded he may be, but he’s not adverse to a good old-fashioned ‘who’s best at driving – boys or girls?’ argument. So anyone logging on to ParkShare’s Facebook page at can take part in an online parking competition.

Warning: it’s highly addictive, and not as easy at it looks! And for the record, Agent Louisa is a far better real-life car parker than Agent Pete, especially when reversing into a gap.

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