Email lessons from Ann Summers (or How Often is Too Often?)

Before I wrote this post I wondered if I ought.

Why? Well I’m about to share that Agent Pete is on the mailing list of a certain underwear company.

Today he said: “Gosh, [insert underwear company here] send me an email every day!”

Really? I said. Unsubscribe! That’s way too much contact.

Ah, he said. But every day I see new ladies in lingerie…

Being a modern understanding gal and – to be honest – a marketing nerd, this didn’t bother me. Because my first thought was: it just goes to show that it is not about how often you contact your customers,  it’s the content that counts.

NB I’m not suggesting that you put semi-naked ladies in your emails, just that there’s a lesson about relevant, exciting email content…

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