Lights, camera, action at nursing home

Mole Productions Sudocrem film premiere

Cheers! Toasting the success of the film are (back row) care worker Lynsey Hedges, Tim Ashton of Mole Productions, Matron Wendy Sheen, Nicola Ashton of Mole Productions, leady lady Joan Gellatly and Anne Webb, Clare Brooker and Lesley Hammond of Sudocrem. Front row are film stars Lilian Charman and Bill Eyre

A FILM premiere with a difference took place in Aldbourne recently.

There was no red carpet or paparazzi, as the stars were already ensconced inside the venue, and designer ball gowns were conspicuous by their absence.

But the champagne flowed as the stars of Skin Care for Older People received a preview screening at Aldbourne Nursing Home, where many of the scenes were filmed.

The 30-minute film was created by Marlborough-based video production company Mole Productions on behalf of the UK’s number one nappy rash product; Sudocrem®.

Although beloved of new parents, the product is also widely used by nursing homes and care agencies, where it is used for the effects of continence issues as well as surface wounds and minor burns.

Anne Webb, manager of Sudocrem®’s Promotions and Training team, explained: “We have 16 Promotional Representatives across the UK. Our aim is to promote the good care of older skin and the use of Sudocrem in nursing and care homes.

“This film will help us to train care staff in the importance of a good skin care regime, how the skin changes as we age and how to identify potential skin problems. Whilst Sudocrem® has sponsored this film it is mainly educational and not simply a promotional tool for the product, and we hope that care home staff will gain knowledge and advice from having watched it.”

Wendy Sheen, who is Matron at Aldbourne Nursing Home and has 20 years’ experience in the care of elderly people, said even she learnt new things from watching the film.

“It will be so useful in the training of staff at all levels. Having been involved in the filming, I’m absolutely delighted with the way it turned out.”

Introducing the film to residents, care home director Guy Montezuma joked: “Aldbourne Nursing Home was selected as a location for filming because our residents have such great skin and our staff are so good looking.”

Among the preview audience were pensioners Joan Gellatly, Bill Eyre and Lilian Charman, who all enjoyed starring roles in the film.

Leading lady Joan (89) said after the screening: “I’ve never been in a film before. I wasn’t at all nervous in front of the camera – in fact I really enjoyed it.”

Nicola Ashton, from Mole Productions, who scripted, directed and edited the film and commissioned bespoke graphics and narration to accompany the live action shots, said: “We spent a delightful three days filming here. The staff were extremely helpful and the stars were brilliant on camera.”

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