Pebley Beach drives boys dance initiative

Pebley Beach MD Dominic Threlfall supports a human pyramid with boys from Stereotype dance class

Pebley Beach MD Dominic Threlfall supports a human pyramid with boys from Stereotype dance class

Young lads are discovering dance through a new partnership between Swindon Dance and local company Pebley Beach.

Pebley Beach, Bridgemead-based car dealership and vehicle workshop, is supporting Swindon Dance to create a school-based tour and workshop programme, especially for boys.

“Dance is a fantastic way for boys to burn off energy, learn discipline and strength and do something fun and artistic,” said Emma Jones, education and development manager for Swindon Dance. “Boys are often put off dance because they think it’s just for girls. STEREOTYPE’S tour will show that boys can dance – and look cool. We’re really pleased that Pebley Beach is involved and helping to make this happen.”

STEREOTYPE (for ages 11-16 years) is one of two dance classes offered just to boys at Swindon Dance, which is based at the former town hall in Swindon, next to Central Library). D-Boyz caters for ages seven to 10. Both classes give boys a chance to find their feet if they are anxious about joining a mixed class, and are led by one of the country’s leading male dance teachers, Merville Jones.

“Before I was approached by Swindon Dance I wasn’t aware of what a huge asset it is to our town,” said Dominic Threlfall, Pebley Beach managing director. “But it was their long-standing reputation for getting boys into dance which really grabbed our attention. Pebley is committed to recruiting and training young people so we realised there was a synergy.”

Swindon Dance is internationally renowned for providing excellent dance training – whether it is for the next Diversity dance group or for local people who simply enjoy moving their bodies to music under the guidance of great teachers.

Pebley’s support will be used to take dancers from STEREOTYPE into one primary school and three secondary schools.

“STEREOTYPE will be working hard with Merville to create two specially devised contemporary performance pieces,” said Emma. “In April they’ll be taking it into schools to show boys what a great hobby and potential career path dance can be.”

“Pebley will also be hosting the new STEREOTYPE performance,” said Dominic. “We’re really looking forward to seeing it in our showroom.”

Pebley has given Swindon Dance £3,000 in cash plus the same again in marketing expertise.

The project’s marketing is a joint effort between Pebley Beach and Marlborough-based Secret Agent Marketing, who are donating time on top of Pebley’s subsidy.

For more information about Swindon Dance and Pebley Beach, visit and

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