Streamlining files saves clients time and money

Kirsty and Sammy of Strictly Organised

Kirsty and Sammy of Strictly Organised

A new Wiltshire company says it can make businesses more profitable and help households to run more smoothly – by streamlining its paper and electronic files.

Strictly Organised helps business and residential customers regain control of their filing cabinets or computer systems by ploughing through paperwork and reordering online folders.

The company was founded by Sammy Ryan and Kirsty Newland, Marlborough-based businesswomen who met on a triathlon training course and spotted a gap in the market to create order from the chaos of home or office administration.

Sammy explained: “People can waste a lot of time because they don’t have their paperwork and computer files in order.  We’ll help clients to sift through the documents, weeding out what they don’t need and organising what they do, leaving them confident that important items can be easily found again.

“This kind of streamlining saves people valuable time and money.”

Kirsty said: “Our bespoke service allows us to cater to individual clients’ needs. Some householders have saved money because we have spotted ways to reduce some of their utility bills while businesses have become more streamlined because we have created processes and templates for them to use.”

Services to business clients include organising office files and space, increasing software productivity, managing paper and post, and training staff to implement and maintain the systems put in place.

“We find and implement clever ways to make people’s day better,” said Sammy, “and it’s incredible the difference we can make in just one day.”

Despite their ruthlessness with rubbish, and their no-nonsense name, Sammy and Kirsty stress that they are far from intimidating and their clients love having them within their home or office environments.

To reflect their friendly approach they have commissioned Marlborough-based illustrator Chantal Bourgonje to create a series of fun and friendly images for their stationery and website – which is already filling up with testimonials from delighted clients.

Swindon- and Marlborough-based Haddon Training Solutions said: “Strictly Organised does ‘what it says on the tin’. Both Sammy and Kirsty are highly organised individuals and have increased the efficiency of our online filing system, which has had a huge effect on the productivity of the company.  We will continue to use their services wherever possible.”

Marlborough-based web design company Mole Productions said: “Strictly Organised have transformed our office systems, saving us time, money and space. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

And residential customer Patricia Wright said: “Strictly Organised came into my life at a time of need and turned my long-neglected paperwork into a thoroughly efficient system.  They simplified my system into an easily understood and very workable way.  Strictly Organised are always punctual, pleasant and patient.  I would thoroughly recommend them in all ways.”

Strictly Organised is the only de-cluttering and organising company based in Wiltshire, according to Association of Professional De-clutterers and Organisers.

Anyone seeking assistance with Strictly Organising their home or office should contact Sammy and Kirsty on 01672 861727 or log on to

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