Thumbs up for How To Write a Press Release

We love helping people to improve their own marketing, so were really chuffed this week to get a big thumbs up from a local businesswoman who had used our How To Write a Press Release guide.

Emma Roberts, from White Horse Employment in Trowbridge, sits on the executive committee of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, which is campaigning for lower car parking tariffs in the town.

Emma wanted to create a high-impact press release to publicise the online petition set up by the Chamber, so she followed the golden rules in How To Write a Press Release and soon had soon created her own press release, which we think rocks!

We’re delighted that Emma took the time to post this recommendation on LinkedIn:

“I have read a number of these guides in varying forms, but can say that this guide is one of the best. I have found it not only easy to use, but conveyed in an exciting and innovative way that certainly assists with the creative thought process.

“I have referred to this guide a number of times resulting in some great press releases, and I look forward to more exciting guides from Pete.”

And here’s the story on ChamberNews.Biz

If you don’t yet have a copy of How To Write a Press Release, you can get yours by clicking the big picture of the book.

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