Why every entrepreneur needs to be a marketeer

“Design integrity, quality, that’s number one. But the visual environment is also important,” said fashion designer Alexander Wang.

In The Guardian’s fashion issue, writer Jess Cartner-Morely asked him how he can charge top dollar for an informal brand (his latest sporty-looking collection was inspired by trainer footwear). And he responds as above – it looks good, it feels like quality and a lot of attention is paid to store design and display.

Wang shows that he’s not just a snappy dresser or knows how to draw. The reason he’s a ‘top flight’ designer is because he knows who he is designing for.

And apparently the phrase ‘on trend’ (which replaced ‘trendy’, showing my age) is dead: “Fashion is so much more about conversations now than trends.” He continues: “There’s not one message that matters, it’s all about the one-on-one conversations a brand has with its audience.”

The Wang brand channels Wang – his clothes are the projection of his personality, his need to break new ground.

He also demonstrates the grit required to develop a successful business; early on, formidable fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg offered him a job. He turned her down, wanting to stick to his guns: “I’d dropped out of school…made a commitment to my family.”

Three years later he was at New York fashion week.

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