Public relations: telling your story


What we can do for you: telling your story.

These days, PR is a tricky beast.

Online is taking over from the print media. Journalistic resources are scarce. And then there’s that thing called social media.

Ten years ago a story in the local or national newspaper would have been the place your customers saw it.

Not any more.

It’s harder to place a story in a publication without a little (or a lot) of advertising spend, unless your news is very quirky or involves a top line celeb. And with all the competition newspapers are losing readers fast.

So that’s the bad news.

But here is the fantastic news: Today there are so many places to publish, some of which don’t rely on an editor’s yay or nay; some of which are wonderfully niche and spot on for your customers.

So if we handle your PR, we treat it like proper public relations: with a planned campaign (many hits are better than one), through both specially chosen publications and your own channels, and as an interesting and entertaining read so people will actually read it.

After all, if we’ve written your story – and we do write a good story – use it everywhere – your website, social media, blog, printed or emailed letter or newsletter, end of year report.

Your story by us will run and run.

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